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FIRST WEEK (03-03-2017)

Assalamualaikum. Hai everyone, how are you today ? I hope all of you didn't have a gloomy day. Now, I wanna share my notes from my English course in the last week. Honestly, It's already late but better late then never, right ? well, for your information I didn't use my glasses when i studied last week. I forgot to bring it, so i didn't sure what miss Dini tried to learn in front of class.
First of all, the topic is Robots in the Home
1.             Critical Cartoons
A.           Warm up
1.    How many electronic devices have you used in the past 24 hours? List them.
Answer :
I used at least 8 electronic devices, that are :
a.       Smart Phone
b.      Laptop
c.       Rice Cooker
d.      Air Conditioner
e.       Lamp
f.       Fan
g.      Television
h.      Cool Case
2.    What activities do robots do today ? What other things would you like them to do ?
Answer :
Do some artificial intlegant :
a.       Like lamps of all room in my house, get off automatically if there is no people in the room.
b.      The air coonditioner is adapting automatically with out door temperature.
c.       All electronic device controlled by smart phone.

It would be great if robots could act like humans, so it can help conducting activities.
3.    Are there certain things we should always do for ourselves? What ? Why ?
Answer :
I think we should do our daily activities for ourselves like a consuming, transporting, communicate, rest, etc.
-          Consuming : Because, I’m human, I need to eat, drink and consuming to my metabolism. All human need it, or we will die.
-          Transporting : Because, everyday we are all do activities in different places. So, we will to move to one place to other.
-          Communicate : Because, human are zon politicons, human need other human to do social activities, every human do it.
-          Rest : In some study, scientistsaid that human need some sleep to get rest about 6-9 hours/day for adult (≥ 17years old).
2.       Core Vocabulary
A.      Scanning and Skimming
1.        Find and underline the keyword in the text. The first one is done for you. Try to guess their meanings.
Keywords :
a.              Adopt (Line : 4)
Translate : mengadopsi, mengangkat (anak)
Meaning : take in, bring it up. Legally take another’s child.
b.             Aid (Line : 3)
Translate : bantuan
Meaning : to help someone
c.              Career (Line : 11)
Translate : Karir, pekerjaan
Meaning : profession, job, something to do to earn money
d.              Code (Line : 16)
Translate : kode, bahasa
e.              Doubt (Line : 15)
Translate : keraguan
Meaning : uncartain, questioning about something
f.              Efforst (Line : 7)
Translate : usaha, upaya
Meaning : attempt, result
g.             Force (Line : 6)
Translate : memaksa
Meaning : push an idea for someone
h.             Oppose (Line : 5)
Translate : menentang
Meaning : be against, disagree with
i.               Potenstial (Line : 14)
Translate : kesanggupan, kemungkinan
j.               Serve (Line : 2)
Translate : melayani
Meaning : to do somone’s work
2.       Read the statements below. Which best summarizes the text ?
A.    In the future, there will be at least one robot in every home
B.     In the future, robots will helps us in the home and might also be considered family members.
C.     In the future, we will be forces to buy robots for aour homes.
The answer is B.

That are all my notes in my English course. Thanks to read my post and have a nice day ~

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