Jumat, 17 Maret 2017

My Skills

This is my feel about my feel.

Every person has their own skill.
I think sometimes skill come it self, sometimes you made that skill.

Here i tell you my skill that i made eventually.
I even doing made company of selling food that bergaining with my high school lads.

We’re selling “sotong pangkong” then we are trying to develope it to other and other food.  
And our company’s work eventually. 

Its open every Ramadhan and its start when we was on the 1st year on high school.  
And actually i mean i have skill on entrepreneurship. Entereprenour made me feel how to istiqamah, sure of our faith to reach something, increase my social skill of sevicing customer.

Entrepreneur made us being good man, and teach us how to using time wisely.
Its also increase my managing and teamwork skill. I got some mindset that entrepreneur are the way to you how to stand on your feet.

No mater how the profit, no matter how you feel tired, but all the proccess give you expirience that you can’t get in school.  
All is the positive value that  me and our friends get from it. I learn proccess is always hard, so it increasing you mentally.

My other skill maybe i got from when i start to playing music, and made a group band. I start it on high school to, with my friend.  
I’m are the vocalist on the band, we named it “ Label Harga Diri”.

We play some ballads, folk, “independent”, or some happy jam.

It start happily, we i ride it. So i think i have skill about music.
Honestly i’m the member of official band on my junior highr school.
Every moment give me place to feel my skill, to increase it.
All that moment always tell me that i have skill to it.

I never feel boring about music. Music always smooth, happy and give you some good vibes. 

So thats my little story of my skill, and the way that it comes to me.

All is good and give my motif to continue my life.

And i disturbing no one with my skill, otherwise i can help people and my self with my skill.  

Thank you everybody
So i just can say, when sou start something, finish it goodly....


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