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§  FAHMI NUR ASHARI (D1011131055)
§  YULIUS BRIA (D1011131017)
§  REKI HERMAWAN (D1011131035)
This is the conversation about 2 companies that making appointment of robot making, 1 company are the company of Indonesian Robot Vendor, 1 company are the Indonesian Huuman Necessary Project.
Reki                 : Hi mister here we are the “Indonesian Robots Vendor”, here we come by your call, my name is Reki Hermawan, and this is my friend Yulius Bria.
Yulius              : Yes mister, I’m Yulius Bria.
Fahmi              : Ok good, I’m Fahmi Nur Ashari from “Indonesian Human Necessary”, I need your help.
Yulius              : Yes mister, we come just to help your problem.
Fahmi              : As far as you know, my job was helping peoples to do their life easy and easy
                        Here I need you guys to make me robots.
Reki                 : Yes mister, its our job.
Fahmi              : I need a robot that can help someone to keep his life on.
                        Something like bodyguard robot.
Yulius              : Ok mister, can you say to us what is the robout exacly want to do?
Fahmi              : First, it can a companied us, and can talk to us.
                        Second, it can do what we say to it.
Reki                 : Mister, can you describe us, how the robot looks like?
Fahmi              : OK, it’s look like a human, a muscle man, seems strong, handsome, friendly, long hair, always smile, equipped with some knife and gun.
Yulius              : Good choice mister J. What you to named it?
Fahmi              : Hmmmmmmmmm....... I will named it Panser01.
Reki                 : Sounds good J.
Fahmi              : And I want to ask you some cost, price I mean.
Yulius              : Yes for this project, I give you special price, because it’s really really good looking robot.
Reki                 : Yeah, for you my man, I priced it 12bilions , what you thing, this is great project.
Fahmi              : I take  it !
                         Can you explain me some about how this PANSER01  works?
Reki                 : Besause this robot just work for a person, first step to using this robot are the owner should install the voice recognation. And the robot will work if it get command just from the owner.
Fahmi              :  Ok, it’s good. And I need another one.
Yulius              : What is it mister Fahmi?
Fahmi              : After that “Bodyguard Robot”, I need another robot.
                          A Welding robot.
Reki                 : A welding robot? A robot that can do welding job?
Fahmi              : Yes..
Yulius              : We’ve even built a robot like this on 2014, we named id “Super Welder X1”
                        The model was the same that used on “Megasari Steel” the biggest Steel company on Nicaragua and Guatemala.
Reki                 : The robot can weld everything that the robot program for, we just need to observe the place where the “Super Welder X1” will be installed.
                        This kind on robot has big dimention. It’s 12 feet tall, 169 pon weight, have noisy sound, low watt, easy to maintain.
Fahmi              : How to operate it?
Reki                 : It’s easy, it’s just need a human as the program operator to make a command;
                        And the robot will repeat or loop the command as far as it command for;
                        And the operator can stop the looping command everytime he want;
                        And the command programer can change the command basen on the necessary.
                        We will make you a modul of command programmer operator.
Fahmi              : Very good, i like it. It is really really fantastic.
How about the price?
Yulius              : How many unit you need?
Fahmi              : I need 5 Super Welder X1.
Yulius              : We sell it 5 billion for one unit, and for 5 units we prise to you just 20 bilion.
Fahmi  : Oke, deal!

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