Jumat, 05 Mei 2017

NOTE 05-05-2017

Assalamualaikum warrahmatullahi wabarakatuh..
Hello all friend..
Back again with me, Fahmi Nur Ashari. I hope the all of us just fine..
Friday 05-05-2017, at english class we watch a movie. The movies is “Akeelah and The Bee”.
A few questions after watching the movie :
1)   -    Who is your most favorite character in the movie?
-       Why do you like him/her?
2)   -    What is your favorite scene?
-       What has that scene taught you?
3)   -    Mention at least 10 word with their!
1)             My favorite character in the movie is Akeelah Anderson. She is a young girl genius, because it always gets an A, she is smart and very very good at spelling. Nice, it’s cool..
She was just a little girl, but she have skill a very fantastic.
Although Akeelah including lazy children do chores, and often skipped school, but the teacher still praised the ability to spell..
2)             The best scene is ...at the time of the relationship that develops between Akeelah and Dr. Larabee, an intellectual with his own private struggle, is emotionally affecting given how much they come to depend on each other. The professor teaches her about word construction, etymologies, and mnemonic tricks.
This scene taught me, “that human, basically need each other, in addition this scene taught me that the desire of himself that can provide the motivation to make a change”.
3)             The 10 words :
§  Fortification
§  Grovel
§  Doubt
§  Placid
§  Prestidigitation
§  Ambidexterous
§  Pulchritude
§  Intussusception
§  Rhesus
§  Eminent
§  Hypertrophic
§  Tzigane
§  Alfresco
§  Psalmody
§  Pluviosity
§  Concierge
§  Synecdoche
§  Euphoric
§  Ratiocinate
§  Xylem
§  Pastiche
§  Orthoepy
§  Xanthosis
§  Effleurage
§  Logorrhea
§  Argillaceous

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