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NOTE 20-05-2017

Assalamualaikum warrahmatullahi wabarakatuh..
Hello all friend..
Back again with me, Fahmi Nur Ashari. I hope the all of us just fine..

Before, I’m so  sorry for lateness Miss , once again I’m so  sorry for the delay of time..

Note Friday, 20-05-2017

Name Group 3 :
1. Arasy Satya Perdana
2. NurFitrianai
3. Fahmi Nur Ashari
4. Fajar Rezky Novianto
5. Abdul Haris Ridho
6. Andi Akbar
7. Rika Yolanda   

A.           What is speech?
Speech is a way to tell people about an issue in the society that contains informations, opinions, solutions or criticism.
B.            What aspects you must have in speech ad before delivering the speech?
Ø The aspects in speech are:
1.    Theme
2.    The arguments or solutions that related to the theme
3.    Systematic
4.    Use of formal language
Ø Before the speech we must:
1.    Prepare our mental
2.    Maintain our gesture
3.    Speak with stab intonations
4.    Practicing
5.    Understand the content of the speech
C.            Prepare a topic for final exam
Arasy Satya Perdana
What is Engineering Procorement-Construction
Nur Fitriani
The Importance of Maintaining Respect
Fahmi Nur Ashari
The Influence of the Type of Soil Againt the Type of Foundation
Fajar Rezky Novianto
Safety for Construction
Abdul Haris Ridho
Eco Building
Andi Akbar
Drawing and Civil Engineering
Rika Yolanda
Stability and Dracing at Peaty Soil


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