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Assalamualaikum Warrhmatullahi Wabarakatuh…

My name FAHMI NUR ASHARI , a final semester student at Fakultas Teknik, Major Teknik Sipil, Prodi Teknik Sipil Unniversity Tanjung Pura Pontianak, have a dream.. if given sustenance in the future, the kind of business I’d like to have in the future is contruction service. Aamiin ya ALLAH
To follow the infrastructure development in Indonesia lately, or specialy of our region “Kalimantan Barat”. It seems like the opportunity to work in construction field is very promising in the future. Clearly because the news about one of the West Kalimantan region will build the international port/pier in Mempawah City, soon. This surely provides an opportunity for engineers in West Kalimantan, both in terms of the construction of the pier and to overcome the transportation problems that may later be dealing with more complex issues.
This obviously provides an opportunity for engineers in West Kalimantan, both in terms of construction of the dock itself and for addressing possible transportation problems and the day will encounter more complex problems. This opportunity is open to the engineers of West Kalimantan, because it is more aware of the geological situation in its own region. In addition, other examples that have been clearly visible in West Kalimantan today, especially in Pontianak City and Kubu Raya District, have been many realized infrastructure developments, for example "Trans Studio-Kubu Raya Development".
In my opinion, business in the field of construction services business is very promising in providing great benefits. In addition to benefiting, we also include being one of those who play a role for the development of our own region, "West Kalimantan". And also, the benefits that have been obtained, can later be developed into other businesses or businesses. For example, such as, developing a culinary business or so. Well .. that's also my dream. Can develop into other businesses.
So, for now .. I personally feel grateful to have the education in the Faculty of Engineering. I hope that every knowledge I have been learned, can be useful for myself, nation and my country .. especially for beloved area "Pontianak Kote Bersinar-Kalimantan Barat" ....
And also the thing to remember, that to open a business .. someone will need capital. What it's mean here is something to cover everything, for example "experience, relationships, and of course in terms of material". In shaa Allah ..

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